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Last release: 1.01 May 29th, 2000

 Version francaise

What is MAPGLIDE for ?

MAPGLIDE is a software for glider pilots. It allows among other things map printing with useful flying information. Additional information includes latitude and longitude grids, airports or landing fields with distance circles, flying zones, turning points and planned circuits. Mapglide is open. You can add fields, turning points and flying areas to the basic list provided. Circles around fields may be graduated as usual in kilometers, or with security altitude for a given angle.

Other possibilities are available: the printing of circuit panels, rulers, way points and airport lists, and distance measurement ...
Mapglide is bilingual, English and French. If you want other language, please contact the author, this can be done rather easily.
The standard LOGGERS files can be displayed with Mapglide, in order to analyze your fly record.
Scanned maps can be used as background.

Usage with GPS and Loggers - Flight analysis

MAPGLIDE can also be linked with a GPS. In this release, only GARMIN GPS are recognized. Upon connection, the display is automatically centered on the GPS indicated position. The nearest available airport is indicated. It is possible to access a window with the course indication, and another with the arrival plan for the selected drag ratio. Used with a small enough laptop connected to a GPS device.
Mapglide may be used as a navigation instrument. It is also possible to save a flight for playback and flight analysis. Mapglide can also get a log track from a GPS device (only GARMINs and logger files are recognized in this release) then display it on the computer screen. The flight is displayed progressively, so you may follow it as it evolves. During flight display, another window shows the altitude versus time. (Unfortunately, GARMINs GPS don't record altitude). Another window shows the speed.

Airports or turning points can be sent to the GPS and added to the user's way points. In the same way, planned trips can be sent in the form of routes.

MAPGLIDE is a freeware

It may be used for personal but not commercial means. Thanks for reporting bugs by email.

Operating instructions

To have a better idea of Mapglide, you can see the full operating instructions . Note that the installation includes by default the French manual so you need to download this one anyway.


To download Mapglide and it's operating instructions for use, clic here. install.exe (1 069 540 Kbytes).

Your comments

All remarks and suggestions will be appreciated. It is also possible to further develop Mapglide in order to include support for new GPS devices. Please send feedback if you want this program continue to evolve.
To contact the author, please e-mail to:
Last update: 05/29/2000